The Ho-Chunk Dictionary was made possible by the Ho-Chunk Nation and the contributions of numerous language consultants, advisors, linguists, and technical staff from across Wisconsin and what is today the United States. We are proud to acknowledge each contribution. Collectively, the following people have created a volume that will help preserve the beautiful Ho-Chunk language for future generations.

We are grateful to the Ho-Chunk Nation and the Tribal Council: XXXXXi. We would also like to give special thanks to Adrienne Thunder and Henning Garvin. This project would not have been possible without their dedication.

We are extremely grateful to the many speakers who have contributed their voices and their knowledge to the dictionary over the past two years, including Allen Cloud, Andy Thundercloud, Ashley Rave, Brandi Redbird, Chloris Lowe III, Chloris Lowe Sr., Connie Lonetree, Elliott, Francis Decorah, Georgia Lonetree, Gordon Thunder, Janice Rice, Jim Greendeer, Joyce Warner, Levi Winneshiek, Lilian Thundercloud, Parmenton Decorah, Shane Yellowthunder, Wilbert Cleveland, and Wilfrid Cleveland.

We would also like to acknowledge the dictionary editor Henning Garvin and the scribes who dedicated their time and expertise to participate in the dictionary workshops. We would also like to thank the staff at The Language Conservancy, in particular, the dictionary database director Elliot Thornton. We are also grateful for the work of Wilhelm Meya, Heike Meya, Dorothea Hoffmann, Adelaide Petrov-Yoo, and Bob Rugh; Event Coordinators Katie Norman, Brianna Hughes, Samantha Hintz, and Emma Bonham; Technical Directors Logan Swango, and Sam Gerhart; Graphic Designers Bruce Morgan, Noah Link and Tommy DeNardo.